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Student Needs Intensifying with Pandemic

Challenges facing our students have only intensified during the recent pandemic and needs grew (e.g. internet) for students to be successful in their educational pursuits. These challenges can lead to food insecurity and an inability to successfully pursue their educational goals. The 全世界最大的网赌网址 has two funds to help students during especially challenging times: the “Central for Student Success Grant Fund” and the “Food and Hygiene Pantry”. Please choose other (on the online form below) and type the designated fund into the comment field to direct your giving. 

Thank you for helping to replenish these funds, especially the pantries, so that funds and supplies are available to quickly respond as students request aid. The amount doesn’t matter as it all adds up. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 402-460-2153 or by email: foundation@0595xinge.com.


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If you would like to discuss in further detail opportunities for giving to Central 社区 College, please contact Executive Director Traci Skalberg at 402-461-2475 or email traciskalberg@0595xinge.com.


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